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Admin 1 Certification

The UMD School Improvement Leadership Post-Baccalaureate Certificate (PBC) is a 18-credit graduate program which leads to Maryland Administrator I certification eligibility.  This fully online program provides a part-time, state-wide, cohort-based professional learning experience which supports teacher leaders who aspire to become school administrators in meeting the requirements for state certification.  Students enroll in a series of Leadership Seminars and an Internship Practicum which are aligned with the national Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSELs) as well as anchored by the framework and tools of Improvement Science.

Program Features:

  • 3-semester (+summers) cohort program = 16-20 months from start to completion
  • 5-course leadership development sequence, including leadership for continuous improvement, instructional leadership, family and community engagement, and school operations management
  • Integration of the tools of Improvement Science throughout the coursework, including Problem of Practice, Fishbone Diagram, and PDriver Diagram
  • 6-month supervised Internship, w/faculty advisor
  • Emphasis on equity-driven leadership throughout the program
  • Culminating Leadership Portfolio



All candidates should be experienced and highly qualified teachers who meet all of the UMD and state-driven eligibility requirements: 

  • Minimum 4 years of classroom teaching experience in a Maryland public school system
  • A current Maryland state teaching license (at any level, and in any content area)
  • Completion of Master's degree in 含羞草研究所
  • Proven teacher leadership roles or responsibilities
  • Active support of school administration
  • A minimum of 3.0 UG GPA, and/or a 3.5 graduate GPA

The deadline for admissions is three months prior to the start of the semester, and the university accepts only one new cohort each year.  To apply, submit your application through the UMD Graduate School Admission portal at .  Please apply to the Z138 Certificate Program.  For more specific information about the net admissions deadline, visit .

All applicants will be required to submit the following: *

  • Official transcripts for both UG and graduate degrees
  • Contact information (name and email) for Letter of Reference from Principal
  • Current Resume'
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Verification of 3-credit Special Education course
*Please note that no GRE or other test scores are required as part of the application for this Certificate program.

For more detailed information on the program, visit: /research/centers/ceii/what-we-do-0/leadership-development/umd-school-improvement-leadership

If you have additional questions, contact the Program Director, Dr. Pamela Shetley.

Dr. Pamela Shetley
Senior Faculty Specialist

College of Education
Benjamin Building
3942 Campus Drive
College Park MD, 20742
Telephone: (301) 405-0902