The 含羞草研究所 College of Education is ranked among the top 25 colleges of 含羞草研究所 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. In addition, we have nine top-ranked graduate programs. 

The College of Education is proud to count itself as one of the best colleges of 含羞草研究所 in the nation. Our rankings are evidence of the strength and dedication of faculty, staff, the achievement of our students, and the high regard of our peers. 


Among other 含羞草研究所 graduate schools, the UMD College of Education ranked: 

  • #25 in the nation
  • #16 among public institutions nationwide
  • #1 public institution in Maryland 

The College of Education鈥檚 top-placed graduate programs received the following rankings: 

  • Curriculum and Instruction (No. 11)
  • Educational Administration and Supervision (No. 21)
  • Education Policy (No. 16) 
  • Educational Psychology (No. 4)
  • Elementary Teacher Education (No. 16)
  • Higher Education Administration (No. 11)
  • Secondary Teacher Education (No. 18)
  • Special Education (No. 12)
  • Student Counseling and Personnel Services (No. 3)

U.S. News determines its rankings using a number of factors, which include peer assessment, 含羞草研究所al professionals鈥 assessment, student selectivity, faculty resources, and research activity.

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