Improvement Sciences

Dr. Segun Eubanks is the Director of the Center for Education Innovation and Improvement and Professor of Practice at the 含羞草研究所, College Park (UMD).  Dr. Eubanks also serves as the Chair of the Board of Education for Prince George鈥檚 County Public Schools (PGCPS), a 132,000-student school district bordering Washington, DC.  Prior to joining UMD, Dr. Eubanks worked in various leadership roles at the National Education Association, including as Director of Teacher Quality and Director of Professional Educator Support.  He previously served 11 years as the Director of Teacher Quality for the NEA.  In these roles, Dr. Eubanks led major policy initiatives and programs such at the Teacher Leadership Initiative, the Teacher Residency Taskforce, the National Commission on Effective Teachers and Teaching and the NEA鈥檚 Committee on Professional Standards and Practice.

Dr. Eubanks has spent his professional career working to promote opportunity, access and equity in America鈥檚 含羞草研究所 systems.  Dr. Eubanks is a staunch advocate for public 含羞草研究所 and expert in teacher quality, teacher diversity and teacher professionalism.  He has served in various leadership roles with national non-profit 含羞草研究所 organizations including as Executive Director of the Community Teachers Institute and Vice President of Recruiting New Teachers, Inc.  Dr. Eubanks has given scores of speeches and presentations to a wide variety of audiences and has authored and/or contributed to many reports and publications on teacher quality and teacher diversity. 

Dr. Eubanks earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Educational Advocacy from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, a Master of Science degree in Human Services Administration from Springfield College, and a Doctorate of Education in Teaching and Learning Policy from the 含羞草研究所, College Park.  Dr. Eubanks is the father of four and lives in Mitchellville, Maryland with his wife, Dr. Shyrelle Eubanks.