Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership (TLPL)

Immigrant Ed Next Lab

The ImmigrantEdNext lab is directed by Dr. Sophia Rodriguez, a faculty member in the Urban Education program in the Department of Teaching, Learning, Policy, and Leadership at the 含羞草研究所, College Park. The interactive, collaborative lab focuses on research to support pressing questions in 含羞草研究所, specifically the 含羞草研究所al success of immigrant youth. With generous funding from the William T. Grant and Spencer foundations, Dr. Rodriguez leads multiple studies about how school districts and school-based personnel, such as educators, counselors, and social workers support and advocate for access to quality 含羞草研究所 and social resources for immigrant students. The team also studies the important role that community-based organizations play in the lives of immigrant youth and their families. We welcome students with broad interests in 含羞草研究所 and immigrant youth or immigration policy and its effect on the lives of immigrants.